Kids E Media Tablet 


"TAB" the tablet and the Platform that will Break the Cycle of disadvantage in Mexico and LATAM marginalized communities

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This social media innovation will help kids in marginalized communities to break the disadvantage cycle by teaching them learning activities from Pre-School to 6th elementary Grade with our off-line platform.


The tablet will contain the Kids E learning app and videos uploaded to the tablet; the kid's progress data will be stored in the tablet and will be downloaded every time the tablet reaches a Wi-Fi connection to upgrade the app once the student reaches the end of a module.


The levels will be divided into three modules: Preschool - 4 levels Lower primary - 3 levels Upper Elementary-3 Levels

These three modules are designed to be used in a space of 24 months and will be included on the tablet, a low cost solar charger could be included.


"TAB" includes:

-Aniti water -32 GB

-Space for SIM card

-Anti Shock

-Facial reading

-Streaming service for Children "GlobalToons" for 2 years

Kids E- Subscription of educational platform for 2 years


* both services will be constantly updated